More Culture for Metalheads

The program for this year's Hamburg Metal Dayz is almost complete.
We are pleased to announce the following fringe events and the opener slot for Saturday:

Out of the studio, reach the audience! With "The Wacken Radio-Hour", the W: O: A has had its own show on the metal-specialized streaming service since the beginning of the year Gimme Radio. At the Hamburg Metal Dayz, the audience can now help to shape an episode. From questions to the guest (tba) to music requests (almost) everything is allowed in the "live on tape" broadcast.

"What are you doing the whole year?!" 
The founders of the Wacken Open Air Holger Hübner und Thomas Jensen, will answer fans' questions and talk about the biggest heavy metal festival in the world, general developments and the latest trends in the metal world. One or the other exciting story from the backstage area is certainly included.

In order for our educational mission in rock and metal to bear fruit, we have added the subject of history in the HHMD curriculum. The TV and radio presenter Uwe Bahn interviewed a famous rock star last before his death. He spent the last few days with Genesis before their world tour in Miami and got a laugh attack with Phil Collins. It will be a lecture "of a different kind!".

Tagedian is a multi-cultural band from Hamburg with a range of heavy metal over speed and melodic power metal that draws their favorite elements from each of these styles and makes it their own interpretation. So far they have released three albums with various collaborations with artists such as Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Unisonic) and Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black, Outloud).

Imagine that you are sitting on a beer crate with Hämatom in the rehearsal room, drinking a beer and sniffing about "Wir sind Gott" and the world. We do not have a rehearsal room, but beer and hematoma. At the upcoming Beer Crate Session with Hämatom can be freely talking around, asked and commented in a relaxed atmosphere. A must for all fans.

Maschines Late Night Show is perfectly structured high gloss entertainment. That's what the press release says. As a responsible organizer we have to supplement at least a little * cough *. The respectful and irreverent presentation not only amuses the audience, no, even the top-class guests are thrilled. Schnaps and games for guests, spectators and the presenter!

More information are available on the program site!

Tickets are available here!