Here you can find information about different areas. We will update it regularly. If something goes unanswered, just Contact us!

Box Office
Info is coming when the festival is around the corner.

Terms & Conditions
The terms & conditions can be found here and on the back of your ticket.

How to get there
The Markthalle is located close to Hamburg‘s main station. More info can be found here.

Industry representatives
Delegates and accredited journalists of the Reeperbahn Festival get free access to the Markthalle. Invited industry representatives of the Hamburg Metal Dayz can obtain reduced accreditations to the Reeperbahn Festival including all B2B events at .

We will not tolerate drugs at the Hamburg Metal Dayz. What happens to those that get caught selling illegal substances should be obvious: They get thrown out, handed over to the police and charged. So don‘t even think about it. Thanks.

Doors Open
The opening times will be announced at a future dates and included in the Running Order.

Panels & roundtable discussions:
At the Hamburg Metal Dayz the scene is not only coming together for the shows, but also to discuss the scene and the business of heavy music. All panels and roundtable discussions are open for industry people and professionals as well as fans and up-and-coming musicians.

Violence & vandalism
We don‘t tolerate it. If the inventory or any other gear gets vandalized, charges will be made.

House Rules
The house rules of Markthalle are valid.

Youth Protection
Kids up to and including 12 years of age can attend free of charge if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Persons under 16 years of age are only allowed in if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with written consent of the parents. Persons between 16 and 18 years of age have to leave the markthalle by midnight.

Handicapped people:
The person attending with a handicapped guests that needs to be accompanied doesn't have to pay the entrance fee.

Meet & Greets
Fans will be able to meet some of the bands at the Markthalle‘s foyer to get stuff signed, take pictures, shared drinks and ask all the questions they always wanted to ask. The time schedule can be found in the running order.

You can be buy Merch from all bands playing at the merch booth as well as Hamburg Metal Dayz gear.

Security & crew
Hamburg Metal Dayz would not be possible with out these people, so please be nice - and they will be, too!

Press & media
More here.

Our slogan „Metalheadz against racism“ says it all: We absolutely do not tolerate any racism and extremism, and we count on your support. We will not accept any such postings on our sites. Any kind of NS material, shirts of racist bands and trade with such items are forbidden. Nazis have no place at the Hamburg Metal Dayz. Racist, sexist, homophobic or other disturbances will cause eviction from the event. Thanx for your support!

Smoking is forbidden at the Markthalle just like it is in any other public space. For all guests wanting to smoke we will offer a smoker‘s room or the possiblity to smoke outside. Guests not adhering to this while get thrown out. We appreciate your understanding.

Running Order
Who‘s playing when, all the meet & greets, the workshops, the panels, the comedy feature. You can find more at the program site.

Backpacks and bags larger than DINA4 must be handed in at the cloakroom.
Of course, no weapons, drugs or drinks of any kind should be included.

Tickets and pricing info for the Hamburg Metal Dayz can be found here.