These are the first artists!

The limited early bird tickets have already been taken out of our hands without even one artist being announced for 2019. Let's change that and introduce you to a part of the line-up:

Hämatom: Singer Nord should feel comfortable in the far north. Together with Ost, Süd and West, they are responsible for the German metal anthems at the Hamburg Metal Dayz. Their 2018 album "Bestie der Freiheit" was a complete success and we are sure that their performance will be a blast. 

Das Beben: Not only frontman Maschine might be a bit bewildering sometimes - loyal Hamburg Metal Dayz visitors already know him as presenter - this also applies to the music his band makes. Whether metal, punk or crossover, the four guys can not really name their style. It's best to witness the musical shenanigans that Maschine and his boys are having in September for yourself.

Ernie Fleetenkieker/Krachmucker TV: Ein Multitalent. Ernie kann alles. YouTuber, Musiker, Kolumnist, angehender Pornostar und nun auch unfreiwilliger Poetry Slamer, weil Micha-El-Göhre ihn angestiftet hat und wir ihn gezwungen haben bei den Hamburg Metal Dayz aufzutreten. Wir wissen selbst nicht, was uns da erwartet, aber freuen uns tierisch, dass Ernie dabei ist!

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