Panel: Event & Festivalsponsoring 2.0

Panel: Event & Festivalsponsoring 2.0

What is Event & Festival Sponsoring? Who needs it and what it’s good for?

In recent years the event market has experienced considerable growth and offers marketing opportunities that were unthinkable before. We'll give you an insight into the world of sponsoring and unique impressions of what’s going on behind the scenes.


Max Pölzl has been head of sponsoring of the ICS Group since 2017. In addition to their flagship, Wacken Open Air, ICS organizes numerous other cross-genre music and cultural events in northern Germany, such as “Werner Rennen” or “Soul Kitchen”. We have already established successful collaborations with Brands such as Harley Davidson, Wera and many more. The latest addition to our list of partners, Kaufland, was recently acquired by Max and brought to the Holy Wacken Ground. The Austrian-born extreme sportsman, with the licence to fly, brought the necessary characteristics and experience to the table, when he joined ICS after his previous stations at Red Bull and Forever 21.

Andreas Ullmann has been managing director of The Sports People (TSP) GmbH since 2016. Working from Hamburg and Cologne the agency is focused on advising national and international brands and creators when it comes to sponsoring, marketing and event marketing. Clients include the IOC, Bundesliga soccer club VfL Wolfsburg and Michelin. The agency focuses on individually tailored consulting solutions with the aim of creating innovative and successful partnerships.

Maschine does not only host his very own “Maschine’s Late Night Show”, wherever there’s a stage around you can be sure he’s not far away. All the world’s a stage, and Maschine was simply born to entertain people as a musician and a presenter/host giving everything he’s got. You need something announced? You want to entertain people? This guy right here is the one you are looking for. Because the audience is all that matters to him. What an arrogant sob. Or to quote the man himself: “Thank you very much, this was fun!”

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