You had a really good Friday night at the Hamburg Metal Dayz 2019 and would like to let your hangover on Saturday really "hamburglike“? Then the HHMD Hangover Kaperfahrt is just right! The Ballroom Hamburg DJs make you fresh again on the Barkasse Tanja, so that you can enjoy the second day of the Hamburg Metal Dayz to the fullest after the boat trip.

Boarding is as usual at 12:30 at the Landungsbrücken (bridge 6/7). Departure is half an hour later. The trip takes two hours.

Die Karten gibt’s ab Dienstag dem 18. Dezember ab 12 Uhr bei Metaltix für 20,00€ zzgl. VVK Gebühren.

Event Date

22. September 2019 - 22. September 2019

Event Time

12:30 - 15:00

Event Location

St. Pauli Landungsbrücken