Metal Summit powered by Metality

Imagine, there would be "something" that honors, evolves, and preserves the values of the global heavy metal community. With appropriate events and actions, the power of the Metal Community would be used to help and support each other. We call that Metality!

What are your conditions, expectations and wishes for Metality?

For some time now, there is a small core of different Metalheads, who is thinking about this "something" thought. In the context of a panel on the Hamburg Metal Dayz They want to discuss and develop with you.  

Shiran Habekost was born 44 years ago in Brescia. At seven he started his skateboarding and martial arts career. He teaches psychology, but it will not get more exciting.

Götz Ulmer was born 52 years ago in Stuttgart. After completing his communication design studies, he started his advertising career in 1995 as Junior Art Director at Jung von Matt. Boringly, he has stayed there until today.

Thomas Jensen was born in 1966 in Itzehoe and is co-founder of the Wacken Open Air, which he organizes together with Holger Hübner. Together they founded the ICS network whose main field of activity is the planning and organization of concert and event events. The network includes, among others, a merchandising company, a record label, a music publisher, an Internet TV station, a radio, a booking agency and music management.  

Patrick Postel was born in 1974 (shortly before the World Cup title). After school, training, second education and study of technical computer science, he founded the company SILPION in February 2000 and is still happy to work there every day.

Come and join us!  

Shiran Habekost

Götz Ulmer

Thomas Jensen

Patrick Postel


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