Panels & expert talk

At the Hamburg Metal Dayz, the Metal business is not only meeting for the music, but also to discuss what‘s going on in the scene. The panels and expert discussions aim not only towards professionals, but also fans and musicians. The schedule can be found here. Most panels will happen in German, unless stated differently, but asking questions and chiming in will be welcome - in German and English.

Host: Christof Leim

The following topics are scheduled:

Fans ask W:O:A

Friday, 5pm - 6pm

Here all your questions will be answered: “Who is playing next year?”, „What will be changed, what will stay?“ or „How will the W:O:A look in five or ten years?“. Or even „Why are there so many non-Metal bands?“, „What‘s up with Metallica and Wacken?“ and all the other stuff you always wanted to know. You can even ask personal stuff like „What‘s the last record the Wacken boss has bought?“, „Are you able to watch bands during the festival?“ and „What do you like about your job?“

You ask - the Wacken bosses answer!

Holger Hübner (ICS, Promoter Wacken Open Air)
Thomas Jensen (ICS, Promoter Wacken Open Air)

Language: German

State of Metal: Heavy music in 2014 - and in eternity

Friday, 6:15pm - 7:15pm

What is the hot stuff in the world of heavy music these days? What‘s next? Who was surprising, who will surprise? How extreme will the sound become? Or are we all entering the retro express back to the Rock‘n‘Roll stone age? Is it all going round in circles? Equally important: Is there even one Metal scene these days? And how is it changing? How much „niche“ is heavy music still?

Carl Begai (Journalist,
Leif Jensen (A&R, Century Media Records & Clandestine Music)
Manouchehr Shamsrizi (Cultural sociologist, Adviser of the ZEIT foundation and the World Economic Forum, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Yale University - and a Metal fan)

Language: German, English

Live shows: Why do tickets cost what they cost? And what‘s up with that black market?

Saturday, 5pm - 6pm

What determines the price for a concert tickets? Is it true that ticket prices are increasing exponentially? Why is so hard to use ticket personalisation for large events like Wacken Open Air? And what does the law say? Who is making money? How can we keep prices in check, especially through „informal“ channels? When is the black market not really black? Who is ripping of fans - and who isn‘t?

Nick Hüper (Manager Online Communication, ICS/Wacken)
Reinher Karl (Specialist solicitor and lawyer for copyright and media law, Beiler Karl Platzbecker & Partner)
Mike Keller (Executive Director, Markthalle Hamburg)
Jan Quiel (Booking & Marketing, Seaside Touring/Metaltix)

Language: German

Metal media: Who wants to read & watch what - and who‘s paying?

Saturday, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Which kind of media are making sense in the Metal world - the highly specialised ones or the ones with a broader scope? Is the number of fans reading print magazines still significant? Will there be that one leading publication in Metal? What are the fans‘ preferences in the net? Is it possible to run a medium for heavy music digitally and make money?

Dorian Gorr (Journalist, Metal Hammer magazine)
Jakob Kranz (Journalist & radio host, Stahlwerk/Radio Fritz, rbb)
Peter Mildner (Journalist, webzine)
Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann (Journalist & publisher, Deaf Forever magazine)

Language: German