Workshops & Clinics

The workshops are the place to learn how it‘s done: See how demonstrate their chops, explain their parts and answer your questions. Check the running order for the schedule.

Guitar-workshop with Victor Smolski

Six string freaks can look forward to a very high class guitar clinic by Victor Smolski, shredder and overall musical wizard for Germany‘s Rage. He will show licks and tricks, answer question and mostly likely will let some jaws drop to the floor.


So it‘s all only shouting? Not really. Growling and extreme Metal singing needed to be learned and practiced, otherwise the thunder might quiet down really quick. This is where Thomas Fischer comes in. He is working as a „Shoutcoach“.

On Fri, Sept 27, the Shoutcoach will hold a workshop at the Marx before the first bands play. This workshop will not only offer helpful information about being able to deliver extreme Metal vocals, but also energetic infotainment for beginners and stage veterans alike. Topics like anatomy, breathing techniques, harmonics and simply the right way of doing it will be touched upon, additionally Fischer will perform some songs of his own projects.