Panels & expert talk

At the Hamburg Metal Dayz, the Metal business is not only meeting for the music, but also to discuss what‘s going on in the scene. The panels and expert discussions aim not only towards professionals, but also fans and musicians. The schedule can be found here. Most panels will happen in German, but asking questions and chiming in will be welcome in German and English.

The following topics are planned:

The world of Merchandise (Friday)

Stefan Matuschek (Artworx Merchandising)
Thomas Ewerhard (Graphic designer)
Benjamin Mahnert (Impericon, Product Manager; Manager for Heaven Shall Burn)
Heiner Salomon (EMP, Deputy Head of Purchase)

How is the money being earned? What works, what doesn't? Old school vs. new school: What are the classics, what‘s new? What about prices, fair trade etc?

Language: German

Fans ask W:O:A (Friday)

Holger Hübner (ICS, Promoter Wacken Open Air)
Thomas Jensen (ICS, Promoter Wacken Open Air)

Ask whatever you like, e.g. „How will you top Rammstein?“, „What is the Wacken Foundation?“ etc.

Language: German

Money in the music business (Saturday):

Dr. Daniel Reinke (EMP, Marketing)
Marie Heimer (Spotify, Label Relation Manager GSA)
Andy Farrow (Northern Music, Management for Paradise Lost, Opeth u.a.)

Where does the money go to that I pay for a CD, a download or a ticket? Who gets what - and is true that no one gets anything anymore? How has the overall situation changed - and what will happen next? How does streaming change the picture?

Language: English

The truth about touring (Saturday)

Peavy Wagner (Rage, Bass & Vocals)
Jens „Bobo“ Bornhöft (Tour manager, Artist Production Festivals),
Andreas „Stoney“ Stein (Merchandiser)
AC (All Access, Tour manager & agent,)
Hakon Grav (Journalist for Scream Magazine/NOR, Manager for Emperor a.o.)

What are the biggest misconceptions about life on the road? What jobs are available? How much Rock‘n‘Roll is really going down? What should one know? How great is it all - or how miserable? What has changed in the past 20 years? And: What are the wildest stories?

Language: German

Recordings & Producing (Sunday)

Jacob Hansen (Producer for Volbeat, Pretty Maids u.a.)
Sebastian „Seeb“ Levermann (Producer Greenman Studio Arnsberg; Vocals/Guitar for Orden Ogan)
Eike Freese (Producer Hammerstudios Hamburg; Vocals/Guitar for Dark Age)
Alexander Dietz (Produzent Chemical Burn Studio Bad Kösen/Sachsen-Anhalt; Guitar for Heaven Shall Burn)

Why do bands need a producer? What is his job compared to an engineer? Why is pre-production important? How can I get a cool sounding album without spending Metallica money? Does my demo have to be perfect? Can I do everything in my kitchen on a laptop?

Language: english

Metal 2013 - and beyond (Sunday)

Jens Prüter (Head Of A&R, Century Media Europe)
Anzo Sadoni (Journalist, Metal Hammer)
Niels Andersen (Oktober Promotion)

How well is Metal in 2013? Where does it all go to? Why is Metal better off than other genres in some aspects? What is hot, what is not? How „digital“ is Metal? Is the live business still strong? What is the consequence of the changing age structur of fans - and is there still one homogeneous Metal scence? How extreme can it all become? What is left of the retro trend and that buzz with Vinyl?

Language: tba