Panels & expert talk

At the Hamburg Metal Dayz, the scene is not only coming together for the shows, but also to discuss the scene and the business of heavy music. All panels and roundtable discussions are open for industry people and professionals as well as fans and up-and-coming musicians.

The schedule can be found in the running order. The list of participants will follow.

The following topics are planned:

Newcomers & support of young hopefuls: How to overcome the first problems…

What do labels expect and why are bands rejected? How important are labels anyway? What kind of support is available for young bands – and what‘s the use? What is crowdfunding and for whom does it work?
What kind of partners does a band need and what do they need to be capable of on their own?
What does a newcomer need to be recognized? What to do until then?

Career aspiration music business: „…something with Metal…“

What jobs are available in music business?
Which educations are available?
Imagination vs. reality: When hobby becomes profession…
Future prospects, potential for development & income expectations

Where is Metal going – stylistically & commercially? Who actually is Metal?

How does Metal commercially compare to other genres?
What consequence has the broading age structure?
New media: Are Spotify et al. the future?
How extreme can and must Metal become?
How will the music develop?
What consequences do the technical opportunities have?

If you want it, go and get it! How to setup a band

Web presence & social media
Label & collecting societies: Yes or no?
Internal structure & task allocation within a band
Recordings: The era of cassette demos is over...
Videos: transport of music via pictures
Live activities, stage presence & own booking activities
Media & interviews
Finances, taxes & law

Earning money with the band/ as a musician: Can’t be that hard, huh?

Is it possible to earn your living with making music – and is this desirable?
How does the business develop? Where is the money coming from?
What kind of income possibilities do exist?
Band finances, law & taxes
Subscribe or don’t subscribe to collecting societies?
How to earn money with YouTube, Spotify etc.?
The vast topic of merchandise

Fans ask W:O:A - the straight connection to Thomas & Holger

Here all your questions will be answered: “What is the Wacken Foundation and why do I have to give money to them?”, „Why are there non-metal bands playing?“, „Why don‘t you get Metallica?“ – and everything else W:O:A visitors can be interested in. Also allowed: “ Which record bought the Wacken boss lately?”