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Moses W. is a stand-up comedian from Germany. On Metal Dayz´s Saturday, he is reading from his book "Das rockt!" (This rocks!). Afterwards he is playing metal-classics from AC/DC to ZZ Top acoustically with his partner „Fast“ Eddie Arndt as The Heavies. So to speak - Irish Folk meets British Steel.

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Saturday, 22nd September - 3.30pm – Location: Markthalle Hamburg

Reading: KUMPELS IN KUTTEN (Buddies in patched vests) and CENTURY MEDIA. DO IT YOURSELF - DIE GESCHICHTE EINES LABELS (The history of a label)

From author Christian Krumm, guest: Bobby Schottkowski (Ex-Sodom)

Together with Holger Schmenk Christian Krumm describes the „Buddies in patched vests“ of the metal scene in the Ruhr region of Germany. This year the book „Do it yourself“ the story of the independent label Century Media has been released. “Do it yourself“ is what the young singer Robert Kampf together with his band Despair thought when he founded the small record label named Century Media on the occasion of their first album release in the late 1980s. This book tells the extraordinary story of the label and its bands. Numerous interviews with staff members, companions and musicians allow a luxury look behind the scenes of the music business like never before.

As „Buddies in patched vests“ some young heavy metal fans have been met up in the early 1980s in the Ruhr region in Germany in order to pursue their passion. With bands like Sodom, Kreator and Rage, magazines like Rock Hard or Metal Hammer and companies like Drakkar and Century Media they turned their home area into one of the vibrant metal centers in the world. The book tells the story of a metal scene in the industrial Ruhr region, that could in this form only develop in between smoking chimneys, old factory premises and allotment gardens. For more info, click here (

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Friday, 21st September - 5:30pm - Location: Markthalle

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Till Burgwächter – passionate meat eater, frenetic soccer fan and in general a really friendly guy – has been commenting about Heavy Metal, soccer and other really important things for the last ten years in his own a sharp and comical way. His books "JGTHM - Juhr Gait tu Hewi Mettäl" (Your guide to Heavy Metal), „Schmerztöter“ (Painkiller) and "Väter, Völker und Vandalen" (Dads, nations and vandals) regularly go on reading journeys with him and attack the world. The only thing is: You have to have some humor…

Thursday, 20th September – 6pm – Location: Marx

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Reading: VOLXBIBEL (the people’s bible) with Martin Dreyer

Martin Dreyer, born in 1965, became popular in the 1990s in Germany as founder of the Jesus Freaks an alternative youth movement, which has meanwhile more than 100 branches in Europe. He is the publisher of the “Volxbibel” the worldwide first bible project with open source character, which is constantly growing and evolving on a web platform. In February 2011 his new book “Jesus rock” has been released. Martin Dreyer did an apprenticeship as theologist and addiction counselor and in 2007 he successfully finished his studies in pedagogy in Cologne. For several years he worked as youth worker and travels German-wide in order to worship or perform readings from his books. Martin Dreyer is married to Rahel and lives in Berlin. Already at this year’s Wacken Open Air he read from his book “Volxbibel”.

Saturday, 22nd September – 3:30pm – Location: Marx