PARAGON was formed in 1990 by guitarist Martin Christian in Hamburg, Germany. After 3 years of being on smaller labels with moderate success, PARAGON signed a deal in 2000 with the Hamburg based label Remedy Records. This pairing resulted in the release of 3 highly successful albums, STEELBOUND, LAW OF THE BLADE and THE DARK LEGACY.

Several European tours soon followed with high profile acts such as IRON SAVIOR & GAMMA RAY. This time period also found PARAGON performing at all of the biggest festivals including Sweden Rock & Summer Breeze and sharing the stage with legendary bands like SAXON & VIRGIN STEELE. In 2004 PARAGON attained their crowning achievement; performing on the main stage of the Wacken Open Air Festival in front of 48,000 diehard metalheads. Shortly after, the follow up album THE REVENGE found PARAGON reaping massive success and praise with both critics & fans alike and is still considered a pinnacle of their career. The following 2 albums FORGOTTEN PROPHECIES & SCREENSLAVES were received with the same level of enthusiasm however due to unexpected lineup changes the band was unable to promote them to the level they deserved with only a handful of shows being played.

In the early part of 2010 Martin Christian decided to leave PARAGON but was firm in his belief that Andreas Babuschkin, Jan Bünning and Chris Gripp should push forward with PARAGON. This led to the recruitment of Wolfgang Tewes several months later as Martin's replacement and a completed lineup in 2012 with the addition of 2nd guitarist Jan Bertram. With new blood in the band and a renewed sense of energy, PARAGON returned to the stage and also began the songwriting for the highly anticipated follow up to SCREENSLAVES.

In May of 2012 PARAGON entered Piet Sielck's "Powerhouse Studios" to begin the recording of their 10th album FORCE OF DESTRUCTION, which saw an aggressive return to form in the style of their previous albums LAW OF THE BLADE and THE REVENGE, still considered some of the band's strongest albums. The results have been more impressive than the band anticipated. Vicious chainsaw guitars, relentless drums, pummeling bass and intense vocals topped by powerful choirs & highly creative songwriting instantly catapults FORCE OF DESTRUCTION to the top of all PARAGON albums. Featuring 10 songs complete with incredible intro and an ultra-aggressive cover of the song "Son Of A Bitch" by German heavyweights Accept, FORCE OF DESTRUCTION combines all the best elements of PARAGON's sound while still pushing it forward into new levels of power. The album culminates in the epic composition BLOOD & IRON, featuring guest vocals by 2 legitimate stars of the metal world, Kai Hansen and Piet Sielck. The incredible front cover design by Dirk Illing and 1st class photos by Stefan Malzkorn are brilliantly captured in the layout design by Claudia von Bihl, all of which is just the icing on the cake for this world class production.

In July 2012 PARAGON attracted the attention of one of the leading metal labels, Napalm Records resulting in the signing of a worldwide contract in August. The new album FORCE OF DESTRUCTION is scheduled for release in October 2012 with distribution through Universal.

PARAGON are currently looking for and booking shows domestically and internationally. All interested parties should please contact:

Line Up:
Andreas Babuschkin - Lead Vocals
Wolfgang Tewes - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jan Bertram - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jan Bünning - Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Gripp - Drums

1994 Into The Black MCD (Self Release)
1995 World Of Sin (Tricolor / Blue Merle)
1998 Final Command (B.O. Records)
1999 Chalice Of Steel (B.O. Records)
2001 Steelbound (Remedy Records)
2002 Law Of The Blade (Remedy Records)
2003 The Dark Legacy (Remedy Records)
2005 Revenge (Remedy Records)
2007 Forgotten Prophecies (Remedy Records)
2008 Screenslaves (Massacre Records)
2012 Force Of Destruction (Napalm Records)