Ultimate Music Cover

“Metal music belongs back on the radio and TV stations – that is our mission!”. Is the call to action of Tobias Derer and Nils Lesser of the band Ultimate Music Covers, named UMC.

Ultimate Music Covers (UMC) consists of Tobias Derer and Nils Lesser, two friends, who made it their mission to transform several Top 10 hits into groovy metal covers with guitars and drums which invites any type of audience to “headbanging”. The self-produced videos for the meanwhile 14 videos of the UMC Metal Covers show the impressive skills of both on their instruments.
(Video: bit.ly/1s6NQGt)

For one and a half years they have been elating more than 8 million viewers via their UMC YouTube-channel (http://youtube.com/user/UltimateMusicCovers1). Their fan base currently includes over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. The monthly increase of about 800,000 hits a month now tends to be greater than ever and upwards. About 20,000 fans follow Nils and Tobias already on Facebook every day. Saturday Night Online awarded UMC with the title “YouTube Celebrity of the Month”.

The Mannheim based musicians have unleashed a new, trend-setting kind of metal movement with a rapidly growing fan base. Without the help of a major label, just by themselves. And it's quite obvious why this is working out so well. The amazing skills of the two high-profile musicians, the perceptible fun and their way of making and living their music are authentic and persuasive.
The explanation of the UMC phenomenon by the two musicians themselves is this: “UMC and their fans simply are one huge global party where the wrong DJ is playing at the beginning. We just flip a switch and change the music into something we and our friends love to listen to at our party. It's about enjoying metal music and parties and getting to know new people while partying all night long”.

Since the live-premiere of UMC one thing is certain: The audience is fully convinced by their live performance! Together with their wooden singer figurine called „Uwe“ they blow away every audience immediately. Whereas moshpits and pogo to Britney Spears or Avicii were absolutely unimaginable until now, headbanging to Top 10 chart hits has become reality with the metal covers by UMC.